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It was an ultimatum. Delivered there in the coffee shop. Yes or no? Stay or go?

Things had gone on too long. She had invested far too many years on this man. Her clock was ticking and shrinking the time she had to meet another. But men being men, he was set in his ways. He liked his freedom more than he seemed to love her. He’d kept ‘one foot in the stirrup’ by keeping on his own apartment.

But now she had to know. Was he serious? Or was he not?

“I’ll give you a ring.” was his answer.

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    Drew Martyn 15 days ago

    That is awesomely good :)
    The first time I read it I thought "she's better off without him, dump the tosser!". But then the last sentence sunk in, and now I feel like she does. Extremely clever, extremely well written Neville. Like I said, awesome!

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    Neville Hunt 14 days ago

    Thanks very much, Drew. I always appreciate your comments enormously.

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    Jeff Taylor 14 days ago

    Ooh, yes. Is that "I'll give you a ring." Or, "I'll give you a ring?" I did what Drew did, After two readings. Very ambiguous, and good as a result 😊

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    Neville Hunt 14 days ago

    Thanks Jeff. I thought it would be interesting to leave her hanging! She was dealing with a bloke, and blokeishness after all!

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    Christopher 9 days ago

    Very clever, Neville.

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    Neville Hunt 9 days ago

    Thanks, Christopher.

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