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Drablrs come and Drablrs go
Others pop in to say hello
Put up their hand...
...And put it down again
A drabble or two and then they’re through
We’ll never know what else they could do
But it’s their choice...
...It’s clearly not for them.

Others stay to delight us all
With stories crafted to enthrall
And with friendly chatter...
...join our family.
But life is life and so they say
That sometimes life gets in the way
Denying us...
...their creativity.

And others completely disappear
No trace of work, their record clear
Except for lasting ‘fingerprints’
From ‘conversations’ here.

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    Neville Hunt 16 days ago

    Most people signed up to Drablr seem to have very promising, but ultimate,y false starts, which is a great shame. Some suddenly stop...great, productive drabblers diverted from us. Another great shame. And then some suddenly disappear, ‘delete’ themselves and their work and any comments they’ve made, but their ‘fingerprints’ remain from the comments made to them by others. The memory lingers on.

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    Drew Martyn 15 days ago

    omg yes, that's exactly what they are, "fingerprints"! It's a bizarre feeling when you look back and see someone's reply to an invisible comment. It really is a shame that talented writers leave after giving the rest of us just a glimpse of their skills. I hope they're writing somewhere, it would be a pity if they wasted their talent.
    A great drabble Neville, putting it into words an almost tangible feeling and it needed to be done - you've done it, and captured it, so well.

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    Neville Hunt 15 days ago

    Thanks Drew. I had been checking back through some earlier drabbles and saw replies to Michele (Corp) and others who have tried to erase their profiles (unsuccessfully) and others like D.M. and Lisa Williams, who are still there with a terrific body of work, but who haven’t posted in many, many months. But hey, it’s their choices.

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    Christopher Assaf 15 days ago

    I could relate to this.

    This site is not so active. Also, too bad there are no forums or ways to PM each other. Oh, I made a new drabble.

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    Christopher 9 days ago

    You've put down in a drabble what most of us long-termers here at Darblr have thought at one point or another. I've been a bit MIA recently but only due to health-related issues. It's amazing, especially for someone like L. Michelle, who was very active here, to just leave and then delete their account altogether. Some lady had given me a wonderful comment on one of my early drabbles and I replied "Marry me!" and then she deleted her account and the comment went with it. I believe it was you who had made the comment right before hers, so it looked like I was asking you to marry me!

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    Neville Hunt 9 days ago

    Haha.... but I'm afraid Mrs H might have something to say about that!

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    Christopher 9 days ago

    She isn't the only one!

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