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My daughter’s been shopping... got a Black Friday deal. Amazon Alexa... she’s amazing!

“Alexa, switch to BBC Radio 2 please.” Low and behold, the radio automatically tunes to BBC Radio 2.

“Alexa, what’s the weather like today please?” My daughter is polite. She couldn’t possibly ask Alexa anything without saying please. She doesn’t realise that the Americans who invented the device never say please, so Alexa doesn’t expect it. Nonetheless, Alexa immediately gave the local weather forecast.

This morning... “Alexa, do the washing up please.” Very polite.

“Piss off!” said Alexa.

But it’s Alexa that’s pissing off back to Amazon.

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    Cleopatra 16 days ago

    Haha. Cute drabble. I'm American and I learned please/thank you from the television because I didn't hear it much in real life. People think I'm exceptionally polite but they're just exceptionally rude lol.

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    Neville Hunt 16 days ago

    Thanks Cleopatra... and welcome to Drablr. I didn’t mean to offend, but our sons each had a couple of American exchange students come to stay on separate occasions who both independently told us how polite we were as they snatched food from the table to get the drop on us all! Nice guys though!

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    Cleopatra 16 days ago

    Oh no offense taken 😉 and thank you for the welcome!

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    Drew Martyn 15 days ago

    I'm shocked at Alexa! How rude!!

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    LesleyAnne about 1 hour ago

    Our alexa is now called computer because she wouldn't listen to me lol. I won. Great drabble.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 hour ago

    Thanks LesleyAnne. Your Alexa sounds a bit bitchy!

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