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Beetroot Brownies #1


His 3rd birthday today. Cakes at preschool and they sang Happy Birthday to him.

Modern mums worry about healthy feeding. Everything must be super-healthy. Mummy felt obliged to bake something really healthy, and scoured the Internet. Beetroot Brownies... what could be healthier? Every kid in preschool would get one. Yum-yum Mum?


The meany posting the recipe... a ‘responsible’ mum... took things too far!... cutting out sugar almost entirely! Yuk!

Mrs H quickly knocked up mini sponges topped with icing and a Smartie. Unhealthy? Maybe. A winner? Always!

Meanwhile, I iced and ate all the beetroot brownies. Delicious!

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    Dont these people know, there ARE limits!! Brilliant drabble!

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    Thanks Drew. I think my daughter was ‘of a mind’ not to like the brownies because of the beetroot. The paucity of sugar/sweetness made her mind up... and then Mrs H, who ordinarily loves beetroot, got on the bandwagon. I HATE waste and was determined to sweeten them, like them and polish them off!

    I does irritate me how these do-goody types want to strip everything we like out of our kids’ food. They will only be happy when they’re eating non-genetically modified 100% kaleburgers.

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