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Our close friend Mrs McB always bore an uncanny resemblance to well-known actress Patricia Hodge. So much that in a local village high street one woman accosted her demanding her autograph, only to be very disgruntled and disbelieving of our friend’s denial. The woman’s mistake, but Ms Hodge instantly had one less fan.

Having moved to the trendy part of the East End, the McBs were having a lunch one Sunday in The Grapes, when the owner, Sir Ian McKellen, Gandolph himself, walked in and gave her a big stage hug, declaring “Patricia! Darling!”

What I call ‘such fun’!

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    ”That’s what I call......” Patricia Hodge’s well-known Line/catchphrase from BBC’s long-running popular TV show ‘Miranda’.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    ‘Suchfun’ too, as above.

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    Jamie Clapperton 5 months ago

    I mistook her for Patricia Hodge at first too. :-)

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    Nice one Jamie! 😊

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