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Blakeney #11


On the far horizon off Blakeney you clearly see the farms. Norfolk is a farm county, but now it seems it’s extending north, into the North Sea. Myriad wind turbines combine to churn out their invisible produce - energy from natural sources. They churned very well this week. Our furious friends from across the pond saw to that.

Many find ugliness in these dynamos, pirouetting in the wind, messing with the view of the horizon. Mrs H is different - she’s an artist... she’s allowed to be different. She loves their lazy, unsynchronised movements.

And do you know what? So do I.

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    I'm with you and Mrs H on this. I think they look elegant and somehow beautiful; perhaps not as beautiful as the landscape, but they add extra interest I think.
    But then, since I was a kid I've loved pylons too!

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