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Fedeltà #532


“Ha-fucking-ha,” Paolo wasn’t letting Sofia’s taunts put him off his stride.

Sofia was intrigued. “So how will I find out what it is you have to trade then Paolo?”

“We have to meet. Not my place... somewhere neutral, but not too crowded. The British Library maybe. Do you know where that is, Sofia?”

“Of course... do you take me for an illiterate, Paolo?” Sofia was bristling. She was mildly insulted.

Nonetheless, what Paolo had ‘in his hand’ was intriguing and she wasn’t letting a little insult get in the way.

They arranged to meet after work next day.

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    Drew Martyn over 1 year ago

    One thing I'll give Paulo, he's a quick learner. "Do you know where that is, Sofia?" could have come from any of the women, but given Paulo's learning curve, it's something he'd never have said a while ago, but now eminently believable for him to say it.

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