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Fedeltà #530


“Is that you Paolo, is that you? Don’t you get the message? I don’t want to speak to you,” Sofia set out her stall, but secretly wanted to hear what Paolo had to say.

“Well don’t speak then, just listen. I’ve a proposal - something you might want. In fact you might want it a lot.” Paolo was firm in his response.

“If you mean your cock, Paolo, you can forget that right away!”

“Hardly! My cock doesn’t sparkle! And you’ll not forget this one!” Paolo wasn’t fazed by Sofia.

’Oh my god! He’s not actually proposing, is he?’ thought Sofia.

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    Drew Martyn over 1 year ago

    Lol I was so engrossed in reading, I forgot to vote on these. Well done, Neville, I'm obviously so well into the story... :)

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