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Fedeltà #523


“Get in there right now and kill the bastard copper!” Tony barked his order in an uncharacteristic loss of common sense. Paolo was thinking straight though. There was no way he was killing a copper. He reasoned with Tony.

“Tony, if the guy’s shagging Livia, he’s done it already. As for Livia, she’s a very smart cookie. There’s no way she’s going to spill the beans about anything, if that’s what you’re worried about. She has far too much to lose herself. Maybe she was simply far too distraught to leave alone.”

Tony grunted.

“Unless she’s out to get you!”

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    Drew Martyn over 1 year ago

    Paulo the one with the brains? Whatever next?? :)
    Seriously, I love the way Paulo can be both victim to his own urges - and consequently do some more-or-less stupid things - and be the one to put a restraining hold on the excesses or reactions of others, like here.

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    Neville Hunt over 1 year ago

    Thanks Drew. It’s the growing up process, I guess.

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    Neville Hunt over 1 year ago

    Paolo is amazingly stupid from time to time and fodder for manipulative women. One of his greatest strengths though is his ability to ‘move on’ and not dwell on stuff. (I like to think that side of him is based on me, but on the other hand, I’ve not remotely done the amount of shagging he has!)

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