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Fedeltà #472


Nicole was pure Romford English. A true Essex Girl. Long blonded hair plus pretty face in a common, Page 3, way and a generous curvy coastline to her 5-foot 4-inch frame. Her voice cried electro rather than elo-cution and she was very easy. She hated her nickname, Nicoleasy, based upon the ease with which she was prepared to remove her knickers.

Paolo had met Nicole a couple of years ago in a Romford club. She really liked Paolo because, unlike most of her previous conquests, he treated her with respect... and shagged her how she liked it.

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    Neville Hunt almost 2 years ago

    Essex Girl So popular folklore goes... shorthand for a young woman of loose morals and even looser elastic. Unfairly characterised by the answer to the question - what does an Essex Girl wear behind her ears? Answer - her legs.
    My dear late father was an Essex Boy. He told me it was all a lie, although he did wink as he said it!🧝‍♀️

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