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Fedeltà #459


The Livia that picked up his call didn’t sound overly keen to talk to Paolo.

“What is it Paolo?” she asked, slightly testily.

“When can we meet?” he replied. “I wanted to meet you off the ship, but Tony bigfooted me. I hope you’ll be OK with him. He’s in a funny mood right now, so take care... he’s looking for suspects. Be careful what you say!”

“Well..” Livia paused before adding, “that’s all the more reason we shouldn’t meet up. Not for a long while I suggest.”

Sofia’s prediction coming to pass? And not what Paolo wanted to hear.

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    Christopher almost 2 years ago

    She's treating poor Paolo like dandruff on her shoulder and giving him the brush-off. I'm wondering if Paolo is going to come to his senses and get pissed about how all these ladies are jerking him around (figuratively speaking).

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