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Partially sited #7


Tea breaks were lively affairs. It was a case of start to finish jabbering. Harold claimed the lion’s share of the jabbering if for no other reason than enabling him to get his 100 plus expletives aired, but there were conversational Cha Wars from a couple of the others.

Harold sat opposite the hut door, while his trusty charge-hand Denny Larwood invariably sat on his left. A seating pecking order existed. I sat by the teapot, ready to serve seconds.

I only spoke when asked something. A goodly bunch, the only ones I didn’t trust were the silent ones...

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    Steve McBrevity about 2 years ago

    Like this - so true. Would have made a good TV situation comedy at the time - with flavour of Pete and Dud.

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    Neville Hunt about 2 years ago

    Thanks Steve. Strange thing is that it seems like it could have been yesterday. They were really nice people and somehow I managed to underengineer myself so as to get on with them. One of the most memorable things is how many of them at some time said to me “You’re supposed to be intelligent...” I’m still wondering myself...

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