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Fedeltà #330


When she’d calmed down a bit more Livia asked.

“Has Luka been told? Poor boy, he idolised his dad.” That wasn’t strictly true as, influenced by his mother Livia, Luka thought Terry was a bit of a fool and he resented the fact that he was very obviously the ‘junior’ twin.

“No” said Tony, “not yet. They only found the body earlier today.”

“It doesn’t seem fair. Here I am sunning myself on deck while Terry’s lying dead on the slab. But I missed him every day you know.”

“Yeah, I know” said Tony.

“And now I’ll be wearing black.”

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    Christopher about 2 years ago

    That's interesting about his son.

    (Might wanna check the second paragraph, Neville. I think there are a couple of typing errors.)

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    Neville Hunt about 2 years ago

    Thanks Christopher. My concentration must have slipped in my eagerness to get stuff posted! I appreciate your vigilance. Sorted now I hope🤞

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