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Fedeltà #287


If Paolo had thought his lunch with Marcia would be a pleasant prelude to an afternoon’s repeat of his earlier delight, he was wrong. He arrived a couple of minutes early and, predictably, Marcia was a ‘fashionable’ ten minutes late, for maximum impact. She smiled and looked stunning, dressed to present her figure at its best.

She air-kissed Paolo on both cheeks so as not to spoil her vibrant red lipstick. Her heady perfume had Paolo’s heart racing. The physiological effect on him was instant. Sexually speaking, Marcia was once again in charge.

Paolo was hers to dominate again.

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    Christopher about 2 years ago

    Great title! And you've really fleshed out these characters, Neville. I didn't think Paolo was going to be this integral to the story when he was introduced.

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    Neville Hunt about 2 years ago

    Neither did I, Christopher! Thanks very much. I love working on the titles; that’s what comes from being in advertising for so long 🙃

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    Drew Martyn about 2 years ago

    Wonderful title :) I'm with Christopher re Paulo, he's really come to life, just as much as the brothers and the ladies.

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