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Fedeltà #205


Paolo lay back as he watched Sofia move to the other end of the bed. She was expert in the ways of and the ways of handling men. Paolo was in for another treat, but without the intensity of frustration that had possessed him before, or the anger. For some strange, probably body-chemical, reason, maybe 'afterglow', he trusted Sofia at this point.

The start of her ministrations involved her slim fingers taking his two most sensitive appendages in tandem. Nervously, he automatically braced himself as, inevitably, Sofia 'tweaked' them to confirm her control, and get something else moving nearby.

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    Neville Hunt about 5 years ago

    The very thought of this has prompted me to cross my legs! Maybe it's something from a nightmare, but I think Sofia is the kind of girl who would squeeze a guys bollocks, given half a chance...!

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