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Fedeltà #175


‘We require £250,000 (quarter of a million GBP) to be transferred in Bitcoins. Please make arrangements to set up your payment in this currency. We will text today at around 5.00pm BST with our Bitcoin account details and our timing requirements, which will be on a sliding scale. Any delay in the payment will be subject to penalties. We are a digital organisation. Day by day, digit by digit. Late payment penalties of £50K per day will apply too. These are our terms of business.’

Tony and Paolo stared aghast at the text.

But Paolo had delay-timed it automatically.

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    Neville Hunt about 5 years ago

    I'm on a crash Bitcoin course. Wish I had the cash to profit from them... :-(

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    Christopher about 5 years ago

    Very clever, especially the "digit by digit" reference. I often spot those types of clever wordplay references in your drabbles but don't usually make a point of praising them.

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    Neville Hunt about 5 years ago

    Thanks very much Christopher. Mrs H says they’re just me trying to be a smartarse! But with three brothers and our parents all trying to outdo each other with wordplay as we grew up, I had no choice!😀

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