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Dr Acula had never had a patient quite like Martin. Something was wrong. This young vampire was skin and bones, and the doctor feared he was wasting away.

He examined Martin. Everything seemed intact. He carefully checked his mouth. Quite the finest fangs he'd examined in eons. Nothing wrong there. Carefully he looked into his patient's throat. No blockage. But the body was just pale white skin stretched taut over a skeleton.

"How long have you been a vampire, son?"

"Three months."

"What have you been eating?"


"Whyever not?"

"My family's strictly vegetarian. We hate the sight of blood."

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    A bit of a weak joke, but hey!....

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago started as two ideas, veggie and squeamish vampires. Perhaps putting them together wasn't the best idea. (Excuse me, I'm just thinking 'aloud'!)

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    Drew Martyn over 2 years ago

    Nope. You're wrong mate - both an excellent idea and well portrayed. I really enjoyed this, and think it's got the makings of a series :)

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Thanks, Drew, that's heartening. A that seems like an idea; thanks a lot. :-)

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    Jamie Clapperton over 2 years ago

    Surely you can get soya blood these days. Fun :-)

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Thanks, Jamie, that's inspirational - watch this space! :-)

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