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Small Talk #37


There's a conspiracy round my house. Daddy and Baba bundled us off with Granny to buy some shoes... then when we got back it was straight to bed for my afternoon nap! Hang on guys, I like to roam a bit first!

When I came down, the lounge - my playroom! - was changed. It was messy and different, and where were my toys? I cried.

Daddy had a gadget to remove wallpaper. I could've collected up all the gluey bits of wallpaper. Great fun!

Now I'm really grown up, I'd like to help.

Can I help painting the wall, Daddy? Pleeeease!

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Haha that's lovely, Neville. I remember letting my two daughters lose on the walls before we painted over it. I dread to think what graffiti is under that paint!!
    I hope Daddy lets him help though...

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