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Small Talk #28


I've got the hang of this place now. Lots and lots of doors. I love doors! Lounge door, conservatory doors, dining room door, kitchen door, utility room door, toilet door, front door. Loads more doors upstairs. And that's just the big doors.

We only had one big door in my old place. I liked putting my hands on it from the inside to stop grown ups getting in. And when I let them in, I was ready to shoot out into the hallway where I had to choose, front door or stairs. A tricky decision. I shouldn't have hesitated, because...

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    Because why, little guy????

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    Because they grabbed me to haul me back into the living room!

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    Ah! Got it!

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