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Small Talk #17


He's called Baba. I've no idea why, except, when she was little, Mollycule couldn't say grandpa. Me and Jas are copycats.

He says it's easier for him to write on birthday cards (I hope his laziness doesn't run in the family or I could have the prospect of a life on the dole even before I've started school.)

Baba's speciality is giving loud wobbly raspberries on our cheeks. Granny says it's not a good example to us, but we're all too scared and excited all-in-one to dare complain. The big cousins raspberry him back. Scary but very brave!

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    Lisa Williams over 4 years ago

    Loving these. Bringing back a lot of memories X

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    Thanks, Lisa. We've had a lot to do with the little-uns recently. Lots of drabble fodder! :-)

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