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Skin Deep #173


Cat's body was changing. When Marcus originally developed Mac, it hadn't entered his head that donor and recipient might be of opposite gender.

All over Cat's body, the muscles were tightening underneath a generous layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin. She was aware of this, but was even more aware of a pain down below. Her clitoris was engorging to such an extent that it was agony. She was rapidly getting an erection!

In Yorkshire, Rufus hadn't quite worked out what was going on but realised his mum was involved.

"Stupid cow! I'll kill her!"

He didn't need to.

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    Neville Hunt about 7 years ago

    This was originally intended to end over 100 drabbles ago, but wtf, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, but she ain't fat no more.

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    Christopher about 7 years ago

    That happens when you're doing a series. It happened twice with me and Jake Randolph. Neither of those were intended to be that long.

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