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Skin Deep #151


Mac had realised there had been a recent period of instability in Rufus's behaviour. It increased risk for Mac and had to be sorted out. One shortcoming of an electronic machine, intelligent though it might be, was that it had no understanding of the emotional side of humans.

Mac needed the return of the cold, calculating, unemotional Rufus. That called for reprogramming. The next time Rufus 'plugged in' to Mac was the opportunity. It detected where in Rufus's brain the emotional drivers were and attacked them, deleting brain 'files' without damaging his irrational savage instincts.

Rufus the ruthless lived again!

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    Lisa Williams almost 8 years ago

    Think I've met a few people where the 'emotional drivers' have been deleted. Glad you found the time to write X

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Thanks, Lisa, and thanks for your votes and comment. I'll find some more time now, in between studying and working etc. Rufus the horrible is about to make a comeback. When he got Beth in the club, I started to panic with visions of him changing nappies...nah!...he'd eat them, and I don't mean the nappies!

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    Christopher almost 8 years ago

    It's so interesting to think that "Mac" started out as just a machine invented by a twisted old man and is now a living character that is actually driving the plot. Well done, Neville.

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