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Kidnapping's really boring, even if you'll eventually get a payout.

The boy tied to the bentwood chair looked terrified and continually wailed.

'That will keep him occupied', thought Max, his guard, 'although I can't stand that yelling. I could thump him, but he's just a kid!'

Max decided to plug his earphones into the TV, where a movie was helping him pass the time and hope that dulled the noise. He yawned.

You'd be amazed how wriggly a 10year old's hands can be while wailing. Or how quick and vicious with his sleeping captor's knife... Just a kid!

Caught napping!

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    S J Gunn almost 4 years ago

    A nice little twist! Love the ending. :-) x

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    Neville Hunt almost 4 years ago

    Thanks, S.J. I needed to post something that wasn't one of the Skin Deep series for a change. :-)

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    S J Gunn almost 4 years ago

    Well you did a good job there :-)

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