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Skin Deep #116


Back at Marcus’s house, Rufus had taken the bag of bloody testicles out of the fridge the day after the break in. He washed them thoroughly and then simmered them for 25 minutes. After this he gently pan fried them with garlic and rosemary from the garden.

Rufus had never been interested in cooking, just eating. But now that was changed and he followed instructions he’d found for cooking sweetbreads. A five star Internet recipe.

He couldn't remember when he'd enjoyed anything so much, but that might have been the taste of revenge!

He hadn't needed Mac's help with that!

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    I wish I hadn't posted that before lunch!

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    Lisa Williams over 5 years ago

    Me too. Hashtag the recipe 'weightloss tips' X

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    S J Gunn over 5 years ago

    Ugh!!! Neville...I'm getting worried about you hun :-) X

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