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Exploits of Greg and Steve #2a


The grand house across the estuary was lovely but remote from all the pubs. Greg and Steve liked a pint or seven. Escaping meant a tiny rowboat out to the Dory moored just off the little beach, climb aboard, start the old outboard and glide across the water to liberty and Courage Best Bitter.

Early evening, still light... a beautiful 5 minute trip. After umpteen pints, in the dark, returning was challenging. Getting in the tiny rowboat was particularly tricky for landlubber Steve. Greg was in when Steve fell, turning the rowboat upside down and them out... be continued...

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    Neville Hunt almost 7 years ago

    There's another story in the short series on its way, Jamie. All are true about my kamikaze mates (and sometimes me) on our annual pilgrimage to what is to me and Mrs H the most beautiful place in England.

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