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Exploits of Greg and Steve #1


Resembling 007, white-suited lawyer Greg and pal Steve glided from the grand house across the estuary, with wives, to dine at trendy Salcombe restaurant. Tied Dory to landing stage and were off. While dining, the heavens opened. They ran to the boat. No boat! Stolen!

Neville, wife, kids were camping (ungrand!) and had sought storm refuge with mid-grand friends who were renting a little cottage.

The four refugees arrived. To save the white suit, resourceful Neville grabbed a black plastic garbage sack, cutting armholes and headhole.

"Honestly, I'm a lawyer", declared suitless, besacked Greg, grandly to astonished police!

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    Christopher almost 7 years ago

    You've led quite a life, Neville. Thanks for sharing these stories.

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    Neville Hunt almost 7 years ago

    I've led a fun life and been in quite a few scrapes, Christopher, but probably most people have anecdotes from life of rare quality when retold. Every experience is a potential story. I get a bit exasperated when writers say they're short of ideas. Drabbles are perfect for the 'incident' as opposed to the epic story.

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