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Good Friday we found her in her pretty cottage. Delerious and very ill, she was 90 yrs old. The ambulance was there quick as a flash.

It was touch and go for over a week. We knew she had turned the corner when she became unpleasant again!

Unable to look after herself, but medically stable, the next destination was temporary respite care, but that didn't suit her. "No! I want to go back to my house" she insisted. She would be on her own there and probably die alone. Tempting? No, we insisted on life for her, through gritted teeth.

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    The illusion of choice. Well written Neville.

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    Neville Hunt almost 7 years ago

    Thanks Aspen and Alex. She's still in hospital and I think she thinks temporary respite care is a care home, which it isn't, it's very temporary. When her leg heals and she can walk again, she can go home. Maybe then she'll appreciate it...but I doubt it, based on previous behaviour. She's perfectly compos mentis....but there are some nice old ladies and there are others...

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