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The lover longs to lie with his love. That is nature’s way.

The loved longs to lie with her lover. (Insisting on a short delay.)

The lover lies with his love. That’s the way they plan to stay.

The lover lies to his love. Says he’ll never go away.

The loved loves her lover’s lies. Certain he will never stray.

They lie, they love, but come the day

Love’s fiery passion fades away.

Then lies not love come into play

And what lies left is love’s decay

But lies and loves will far outweigh

Lying loveless to end each day.

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    Chris Walker over 3 years ago

    Very well written, Neville.

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Thanks Michelle and Chris. Writing it was prompted by a Royal Opera performance of The Marriage of Figaro this Monday. Full of love and lies and 200 minutes of pure pleasure.

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    Drew Martyn over 3 years ago

    What can I say? Extremely clever - dare I say that, for me, this is almost Shakespearean in the clever use of the different meanings of word. The alliteration adds so much to the whole. Absolutely adore this, one of your best!

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Thank you all very much. I truly appreciate your lovely comments.

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    Christopher over 3 years ago

    Beautiful drabble, Neville. And Anna, you give such wonderful responses that I wish you would post a drabble. I know it would deeply touch everyone here.

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    Olga Klezovitch over 3 years ago

    Nice game of words.

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