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I live in a village. They are ‘lands that time forgot’ when it comes to UK mobile phone coverage. My network provider ceased trading – fired me and thousands of others. Just like that!

I chose my new network on the basis of cost. Mistake! They lied about their coverage in my street but they still accepted the contract. My mobile won’t work in my house. But there’s one window of opportunity. It’s way up in the roof. I get a signal if I lean out of it. For calls, messages, hangouts, all I can do is literally hang out!

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    Christopher over 3 years ago

    I had a similar problem where I live in the States. My cell phone provider didn't shut down, they just mysteriously stopped covering this area, all the while touting all their new towers and "better" coverage. Thankfully though, I found another company that I've since discovered has much better coverage and is much better with which to deal.

    Sorry you're having so much trouble, mate!

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