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“Hey, what’s this? I suppose you think I’m stupid! Luring me with your wiggly-woggly, ‘I’m so bright and shiny’ contraption....

...moves well though [wonder if I can keep up with it?]

Well clearly I must be stupid, I'm talking to myself. But where’s my ‘devil may care’ sense of adventure? ‘The world’s my oyster’...well to be truthful I’ve never been partial to oysters – I've never got past the cronky shell. It’s good here though; Freedom with a capital F. But with freedom comes responsibility and my responsibility right now is something good to eat. Just one bite away.”

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    D.M. over 3 years ago

    'Hope it's a keeper!

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Definitely. Filleted and pan-fried; delicious!

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