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Catherine was a reporter for a celebrity magazine; wanted to know everyone’s business. She was good, she was well paid, she was confident. It wasn’t for nothing she was known as The Cat.

Celebrities tolerated her but no more. They realised that good publicity was their lifeblood but with it came risks.

At a party, supermodel Aimee, one of Cat's victims, slipped off surreptitiously to the ladies. Curious, Cat followed, finding Aimee about to snort a line of white powder. Appearing surprised, Aimee beckoned Cat to try it first. Not cocaine, but heroin. Fatal! You know what they say... curiosity...

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    'Ladies' = restroom

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    I can see the Pulp Fiction connection. It was a different adage to the nine lives I had in mind though. Maybe the title is overkill!

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