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Simon was brought up by his mum. She was his moral compass. She kept him on the straight and narrow

“When faced with a difficult decision,” she had said, “always choose the right road.”

Years later, long after she died, he decided to go travelling. He hired a car and drove from his home in Wyoming to Los Angeles. He wanted to keep off the beaten track and despite no GPS, he managed with his trusty old roadmap. He was doing fine until reached an unmapped fork in the road. He checked the sign; left fork Route 66, right, Oblivion.

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    Oh, dear! Maybe mum should've been a little clearer with her wisdom! Another great drabble, Neville. And another great title.

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    Thanks again Christopher. [I think that it wasn't his mum's fault. Simon was just a bit thick!]

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