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I was once able to see so the sound of rain drops dancing on window sills still has the power to conjure images. A particular shade of orange light, fading slowly into the softest pink as the sun settles into the horizon from which it will grow anew the next morning. The soft, faded outline of a face well known to me before the light was taken from my eyes. Most powerful of the images that sound brings to my mind's eye is that of the green plants once nourished by the rain and now banished from the dark Earth.

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    Christopher Angel almost 6 years ago

    It's raining and there was a gorgeous shade of orange/yellow light as the sun set. It was a beautiful colour; so beautiful it should have a name of its own. Beautiful enough to inspire a drabble that went a bit brooding on me as I wrote it. Still, the evening was lovely despite the rain!

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    Brandon Sutton almost 6 years ago

    The very vivid descriptions work very well in the drabble.

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    Elizabeth O. Smith almost 6 years ago

    Wow, this was really powerful and sweet at the same time... <3

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    Horrorshow almost 6 years ago

    Strong writing.

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