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I am an elegant hermit who sank five ships with a flick of the wrist. I'm also a wizard. They may call me elegant because of my silky, gorgeous robes. I only accidentally sank those five ships, but people think me a monster anyway. I've hidden away to avoid their judgements. That all ends today! Even though I've been hiding for years, they still rake my name through the mud. I have been practicing my craft. Today, I will return to show them what their "monster" can do. I will raise their ships from the depths and bring back life!

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    Mike Arnzen about 7 years ago

    Wasn't expecting such an upbeat ending ;-) Nice.

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    Chris Walker about 7 years ago

    Good one. Sounds like there could be a sequel to this tale...

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    Michael Cook about 7 years ago

    Great ending, completely unexpected.

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    Horrorshow about 7 years ago

    Nice piece, Jess!

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    Jess Moore about 7 years ago

    Thank you!

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    Bryan Thomas about 7 years ago

    Very good!

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    Horrorshow almost 7 years ago

    Been way too long since you posted a drabble, Jess! Hope to read more of your work soon. :-)

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