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I always feared they’d bury me alive. Even as a child. Too much Hitchcock I suppose.
They used to tie bells on toes. The only dead-looking could wiggle and ring themselves back to the living. But not anymore.
I knew it would happen to me.
I just never suspected it’d be on purpose.
But it was. My business partners; my so called family. Too much power.
I’ve lost my voice from yelling, my nails from scrapping. I fought my way to the top in life, but here is where the climb ends. Six feet under from where I began.

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    Melanie about 6 years ago

    Terrifying end!

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    Liz Milne almost 6 years ago

    love this one!

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    Jim M over 5 years ago

    Yikes, horrible! A very skilled drabble- do you read Poe?

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    Meagan Noel Hart over 5 years ago

    I do enjoy Poe. There is also a user on here who tries to write in his style. You should look them up! :)

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