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I met a man who said he loved me and that he’d walk with me til the end of time, but he refused to tell me his name. At first I didn’t trust that he could love me so. He was so dark, so handsome. But as promised, he never left my side. And he loved me, and I loved him. I adored him more each day.
Years later, old and wrinkled, rocking in my favorite chair, I asked him for the final time, “What’s your name, my love?”
He smiled, and taking my hand, he answered.
“Death, my dear.”

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    Drew Martyn over 6 years ago

    *claps* Wow, what a debut! Superb. Welcome to Drablr :)

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    D.M. about 6 years ago

    Welcome! Great twist to the end. 'Looking forward to reading more of your drabbles.

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    Meagan Noel Hart about 6 years ago

    Thanks so much!

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    Chris Walker about 6 years ago

    Love the ending!

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    Iarwain Olofsson almost 6 years ago

    WOW. Now, that's just lovely.

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