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She lay there with her ebony hair and skin so fair. She was surrounded by the Seven, caught between heaven and the other place, when, a sound was heard just then.

'Twas the Charming Prince come to free her from Step Mother's sins!

But wait, something was amiss.

She slept on, even after his kiss, (which had weakened countless knees). This nagged at his peace.

"Maybe Snow White is..."

The thought set him ill at ease.

So his fear to dispel, he sent for Rapunzel.

But alas! his fear she did not quell.

For Rapunzel did break Snow White's spell!

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    Chris Walker over 8 years ago

    Ha ha :)

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    Horrorshow over 8 years ago

    Loved the line about the, "weakened countless knees"! :-D

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    Julie over 8 years ago

    Nice one!

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    Bryan Thomas over 8 years ago

    Haha! Great drabble!

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    Elizabeth O. Smith over 8 years ago

    Loved it ^^

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    op ruoho over 8 years ago

    That was pretty awesome!

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    Horrorshow over 8 years ago

    It has been weeks since you posted a drabble, Mildred. When will we again be treated to more of your excellent writing? :-)

  • avatar

    Mildred Achoch over 8 years ago

    Thank you all for your comments! Two new drabbles posted :-)

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