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Be our King they'd said. Cool I thought!

It seemed like the perfect job. I'd get the best food, clothing, wine, the best women! All I had to do was take care of the people, take care of the land.

Keep everyone safe, don't let anything bad happen. Don't let the crops to fail. How hard could it be?

Then there was the procession. Heading out over the corduroy road. It still rained, that never ending bloody rain.

Immortality they'd told me.

[4000 years later Cashel Man was pulled from the bog]

...the elders certainly weren't lying about the immortality.

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    Mike Arnzen over 9 years ago

    Heh --- a clever one! I read right past the title somehow, so you got me!

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    Horrorshow over 9 years ago

    Great to see you post another drabble, Michael!

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    Michael Cook over 9 years ago

    Thanks both. The evening before I'd watched a great documentary on bog bodies...I guess it must have been inspiring :)

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    D.M. about 9 years ago

    The irony... don't let anything bad happen...love it.

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    Michael Cook about 9 years ago

    Thanks DM

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    Michael Cook about 8 years ago

    Many thanks Michelle

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    Iarwain Olofsson almost 8 years ago

    I do love these twists.
    It's the same game advertisement is playing on the people, all the time.

    Both thumbs up.

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    Roger Noons almost 7 years ago


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    Peter Henderson over 5 years ago

    I love the funny ending

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