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Chester didn’t mind giving credit where credit was due. He didn’t mind being modest about his skills or even letting the unsung get recognized for their efforts. What did bug him was those who sat back and let everyone else do the hard work, the heavy lifting, then assumed control and took credit for doing nothing.

Eventually, even the most patiented reach their breaking point. Chester reached his. With nothing to lose, he set his plan in motion. He and his colleagues literally put their lives on the line daily while others took credit.

Today was going to be different.

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    Neville Hunt over 1 year ago

    Ooh! Interesting Michael! Wondering if there’s going to be a part 2, or whether perhaps I’ve missed the point.

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    Christopher over 1 year ago


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    Drew Martyn over 1 year ago

    Chester's got his priorities right - enough of the tolerance, already! lol.

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