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Indecision, indecision..... I’m not sure?
Whether to go or stay for more.
Tugged back and forth, guilt gnawing inside.
The 6.45 waits for no man but
there’s always the 7.15 or the 45.
Trouble is the ‘dinner’s in the dog’ by then.
‘OK boys, I give in, make it a gin’.
I’ll think of some cock and bull story. Chalk on the collar won’t work, used it before. Shagging the secretary maybe, but then she might believe me.
No for once I’m going to be honest, tell her how it is.
Admit to being out with mates on the piss.

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    Neville Hunt almost 2 years ago

    The number of times you’ve had to admit that, Steve, and got away with it, I’m surprised you even had to think about fessing up. 😉

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