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I’ve survived another birthday chased by algorithms all day. Never like this before, my popularity’s soaring, judging by the deluge of goodwill received.
Family greeting cards followed the usual themes: racing cars, booze, impending senility and plain rudeness - a reflection of how I’m perceived perhaps?
But it’s the shower of well wishing emails from hotels, restaurants, wine suppliers, travel agencies, banks, theatres etc that struck a chord this year. Free bottles of prosecco, cinema tickets and opportunities to take Allegra dining for free have been tantalisingly dangled, even a mysterious offer of complimentary champagne from the Blue Moon Club, Pigalle.

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Steve, what you have done to deserve that is to have survived against the odds. Why not take the said Allegra for complimentary champagne to the Blue Moon Club, Pigalle, because that sounds the most exciting option and we all need excitement as a counter to the ageing process. 🥂

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    Christopher over 2 years ago

    Now you know what James Bond feels like on his birthday, with all the hotels and restaurants and casinos he frequents! He probably gets deluged in the same way!

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