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On the Road Again #4


‘Where you going mate?’ said the driver in broad cockney. ‘I’m going to the hickory dickory docks. Will that help?’
‘Fine it’s in the right direction -not precisely sure where we’re going as we’ve never been there before -we’ll go with the flow, you know drift along so long as it’s South. That’s our plan if you can call it one.’
Climbing through the gears we were off, little knowing that this journey was going to last much longer than we had bargained for.
As our truck crossed the River Lea it made me think of Laurie Lee - tee hee!

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    Love it Steve, particularly the last line. Love the ‘hickory dickory docks’ too. Great topic.
    Around the same time I imagine, me and another mini-skirted lovely were given grudging approval for a road trip, although she was much older (18). Please forgive me if it prompts a micro series from me too as your drabbles have unearthed memories of other ‘Nevilles Travails’.

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    Steve McBrevity over 4 years ago

    Look you Christopher and I are already having to read two books simultaneously and this might become a third - there’s huge mileage to go.... a forth story in parallel might be too much for me!

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