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Another grey morning dawns, grey light creeping between the blinds.
No different to yesterday’s weather really except last night, New Year’s Eve, was the best rave ever.
Scrabbling around to find the paracetamol - dry throat, head pounding. Big breakfast, kettle on the boil. Soon be on the mend with several cups of Guatemala blend.
Just remembered that talk of a five mile walk; that should blow the cobwebs away.
So where are my jacket and boots? If my closest can hack it so can I.
Once more unto the breach my friend, once more with a pub at the end.

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Now this reminds me of many walks with a pub at the end, and, if I remember correctly, at your suggestion, a pub at the beginning too! Glad you had a good New Year’ Day. Ours was mostly spent on the A303, M4 and the M25!

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