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Last of the great survivors Fats Domino, and Chuck Berry triggered my rock n’roll clock in the late 1950’s. Elvis and Buddy Holly, equally crucial for me, being 10 years younger with better luck, might have been around today.
These Greats programmed my brain which, despite virus attacks from other genres, beats to their rhythm today - full volume with Chuck riding along in my automobile or one night with Elvis.
However Buddy was my favourite - it’s been raining in my heart ever since that fateful flight in February 1959. Fat’s passing yesterday represents a watershed moment. Ain’t it a shame?

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    It sho’ is a shame Steve. My tears fell like rain too.😭

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    Christopher over 2 years ago

    Great drabble, Steve. I love the early rock and roll. It's so full of exuberance and energy. It was indeed a shame. Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard are the last two originals still kicking, and they're 82 and 84, respectively, so they probably won't be around too much longer. Sad.

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