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Rain or showers
Fog and snow
Flows the water
Down hill down hill

Locks and weirs
Culverts and drains
Arm in arm
Channel and channel

Rivers and streams
Brooks and bairns
Never mind which
Gravitate gravitate.

Message in a bottle
Life and death?
Follows the course
Bobbing along bobbing along

Poo sticks beneath the bridge
Garbage and detritus
One way traffic
Drifting drifting

Upstream downstream
Which way counts
Always seaward
Lower and lower mile on mile

Then meeting the salt
Tidal conflict
Strong forces surge
Currents swirl and swirl

Expansive prospect
Estuary beckons
Gravity tamed
River ends and sea begins

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    A gem, very evocative. I think I might know that river. A reverse perspective, going from sea to source, might make another gem?

    Wow, Steve, you're not wasting any time with the drabbles, are you?

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    Frenchie almost 3 years ago

    Poems and drablr are my passion. A lovely poem. Thank you :-D

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