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The faint glow of phosphorus alerted Jacob to the presence of oxygen. He swam towards the light, checking his own air – he suspected they were running low. He was truly in the deep sea, but continued in the hope of finding the elusive and legendary underwater potato. Jacob had heard that it existed but really doubted the veracity of the reports.

He headed nearer the vague glow. He was determined to be the first to bring to the surface something no-one believed in. Triumphant, he surfaced, only to be crushed by the reaction: “Who knew llamas could dive?”

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    Melanie Jewell over 8 years ago

    Poor Jacob - people always focus on trivial matters and miss the important things!

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    Kate Gowers over 8 years ago

    I was challenged by Mel (egdums) - to write on the subject of deep sea diving using the following three words are llama, potato and phosphorus. Let me know if you want a subject and three words!

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