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It was a sunny day outside. The sky was free of clouds.

"It's looking good." One bird said to another.

"Oh, thank you!" The other bird replied. The first bird blinked, surprised.

"I meant the weather. You look like crap."

"Oh, thank you!" She replied again.

"What is wrong with you?" The first bird asked puzzled.

"She's a parrot," another bird explained, "Just repeats the same two lines all the time."

"Oh, thank you!"

"What's the second line?" The first bird asked.

"I watch you while you sleep!" the parrot said with gusto.

"Great..." Bird one muttered.

"Oh, thank you!"

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    shaun almost 3 years ago

    Oh how exquisitely dangerous and unexpected. I know your tags limit this supposedly to humour, but I love the edge the second line conjures.

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