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Why'd he think this'd make me happy?

What was happy about him going off to war?

He kept saying he wanted to be a hero.

He already was a hero to me... I feared telling him about his unborn child.

It had been a fling.

He was my best friend, I never told him.

When he left, I prayed for his return.

He didn't.

...a dead hero.

The baby kicked inside me.

I gave up...

Was I heroic?

Every hero I knew died.

I felt empty inside.

I gave her up.

If it'd bring him back... I'd give up everything.

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    Oh so poignant; oh so sad, Aishling! What a wonderful, albeit tear-jerking, drabble. So much in so few words.

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    Aishling almost 3 years ago

    thank you :)

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