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Sitting down, staring at her screen... the world around moving by.

Centre of her universe, the screen her only friend.

People passed by, moments passed too.

It wasn't until her battery died, she realized there was no one there.

Looking around for a plug, she couldn't find any to escape from the world.

Standing there, people walking by, she begged.

"Please, h-help... I need help."

No one replied. She grabbed a man's arm, he looked at her.

"Please... I need my screen."

"Your eyes are the screens." He said, she knew he was correct.

It just hurt using them.

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    Drew Martyn over 1 year ago

    I like this a lot, especially the ending where "eyes are the screens" reveals a truth and appears to be uplifting but the last line also reveals a truth but reveals the pain. Worth reading several times, this. :)

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