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Flashes of brilliant orange and crimson fire; alloys and polymer spinning away into a wild vacuum.

It’s beautiful, really. That last hit was an artist. Fluid in its bright confusion, it delivered an impressionist’s dream.

Inside our broken hull it’s no less bewitching: my blood orbits, the droplets coalescing. Pink shards of bone float before my glazing eyes.

I can’t reach anything. I peel off a charred boot and throw it with all my faltering strength, hoping for some thrust to send me back to a bulkhead.

It doesn’t work. I just spin gently.

At least the view is pleasing.

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    Chris Walker almost 8 years ago

    One of the best I've read.

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    Michael Cook almost 8 years ago

    Agreed, this is great, and the choice of words is just fantastic!

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    Bryan Thomas almost 8 years ago

    Great stuff!

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    Tony Spencer almost 8 years ago

    Out of this world.

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    Kimberly over 7 years ago

    Surreal. I sort of like the idea that the mind floats in Zero-G just like everything else.

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